7 favourite things that got me through the month of March

I don’t know about you, but it’s been an eventful month of March here at Jessica Elise Creative Studio!

Amongst the bustle of business, including starting new projects, developing branding and design collateral for current clients, as well as last-minute wedding prep (just a smidge) – I have relied on a few favourite things to bring me joy and keep me smiling.

So, I thought it was only fair to share what I have been loving lately with my loyal following of friends, clients and creatives (I know you are going to absolutely adore these self-love highlights).

It’s time to treat yourselves, Welcome to my March loves!

  1. *Friend shoutout* – Loving Elestial Crystals (not just from an energy point of view, but as a gorgeous way to make my home office sparkle)
  2. This playlist is everything I never knew I needed and more – Funk & Soul Classics (because having a boogie in my office chair is completely acceptable) 
  3. Brene Brown’s ‘Dare to Lead’ Podcast (it’s something that is taking me a while to get through, just because the content is so good!)
  4. The Yoga Collection from Doterra. It has the perfect three little oils to complement your workday… Ascend in the morning to get everything moving, Affirm around lunch to get your concentrating and Anchor at the end of the day to transition from work to the evening wind-down. Say hello to my little side biz The Oil Grove 
  5. Reading DUNE at the moment, and LOVING it! But I recently finished Brandon Sanderson Skyward first and second books, ADDICTED! Cannot wait for the third book to come out
  6. This salad, oh wow SUCH A WINNER
  7. Because March has been a celebration month (hello wedding month!) I have been obsessed with Margaritas, so any excuse to have one, really. Follow this mixer recipe add your favourite tequila, or have it with extra sparkling water for a mocktail (You can thank me later!)

I caught up with the inspiring Katie Fox – Makeup Artist and founder of Little Pink Fox.

As a woman working in the creative industry, I am absolutely blessed to collaborate, learn from, and cross paths with fellow women in business each and every day. These relationships are ones which I greatly value – and ultimately, they drive my own passion around celebrating strong and innovative women.

I could go on and on all day about the incredible female founders who have stepped into my life, and for this reason I am thrilled to be able to introduce my readers to the passionate and enormously warm-hearted Katie Fox.

Katie and I caught up to chat about women in business, her path to self-growth and mental health advocacy in a regional community. Brace yourselves to be inspired!

Katie, can you please tell us a little bit about the vision behind your business Little Pink Fox? 

So basically, it was originally started as an add on to my makeup business to help brides with gifts for their bridesmaids.

I was like, it will be easy… I’ll put together a gift box of their favourite things and it will be so simple for the brides! Then I started seeing how much everyone was loving it, and realised I was also spreading the love and happiness, and making people feel special. So, I started on adding more products.

What drew you to working in the beauty industry?

As a teenager I loved playing with makeup. I never felt like a pretty person, so it helped for me to experiment and transform myself with makeup. I then had such a passion for it, and realised I loved making people feel beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside.

When you feel beautiful on the outside, it creates so much joy. I love being able to do that for people. Being able to bring out the natural beauty of each lovely person. Each person has their own unique and amazing features, and I love highlighting these.

What is your favourite product to date from the Little Pink Fox gift collection?

The body whips. I use it twice a day, so it would have to be this!

Note taken! *Pauses to add Little Pink Fox Body Whip to cart*

What would a typical workday look like for you? 

1. Check emails for Little Pink Fox and Katie Fox Makeup Artist
2. Check all my social platforms and respond
3. Make products
4. Chase up orders with retailers
5. Work makeup appointments around everything else!

We love your approach to mental health and your passion for lifting people up! What helps you to maintain your bright spark when you are on the job and dealing with people from day to day?

I am always taking care of myself physically, diet-wise, and being careful with who I spend my time with and who my tribe are. I make sure I spend time with positive and uplifting people. Watching and listening to the right things to keep me in the right state of mind. I’m a glass half full type of person. I love quotes and positive stories, as well as listening to people’s testimonials through self-growth (anything inspirational). I’m mindful of what I’m feeding myself, whether it be mentally or physically.

Are you able to tell us about local organisation Life Boat SE and the initiative you have developed to support them?

Life Boat SE is a community based group for locals with lived mental health experience, past or current. We are on a committee and share our journeys with mental health in a group setting to help support others.

We meet once a month and invite anyone to come along. We can help point people in the right direction to get assistance for their own mental health. We also offer mindfulness and positive stories to help create a community and safe place for people, where they can find support and connection.

I would have loved when I was growing up to see someone going through their own experience with mental health – but running a successful business. That’s what I want to be for other people.

5% of all profits from Little Pink Fox I donate directly back into this cause.

I imagine you have had so many proud moments throughout your career as a business owner, but if you had to pick one – what is your highlight?

1.How accepted we were at the trade fair in 2019 and 2.Going to America through eNVIsion with Flinders University.

I’m proud that I have created this from nothing, and all of the learning opportunities I’ve been given, through product development etc. And that I’ve stuck it out and kept going even when it’s been tricky or there have been roadblocks.  

I’m so grateful for my family’s support, and appreciative of all the amazing relationships that I’ve built with other women in business. The connections that I’ve made have been incredible.

What message would you give to women who are starting out or finding their feet in the business world?

To celebrate every micro-step (the small wins). Don’t be hanging out for the pot of gold, because every step helps you get to the bigger goal. Just to roll with it, acknowledge your failures and take them in your stride.

Make sure you really connect with other business owners and don’t look at people as competition. Share information and learn within the community freely; this is how we all grow – through sharing resources.

Be open to pivoting and continuing to test the market. See what people are responding to, it might be not what you originally thought.

Do something that you are passionate about, it can’t be money driven. You have to love it.

Be kind to yourself, it’s full on – but so so fun!

Let’s talk 2021, what’s on your bucket list for this year? 

I’d love to get into a few stores in Adelaide, and around the country. I have a few big personal things happening, so they are my focus but growing the retail side will be the focus outside of that.  

January never counts, right? Hey there!

Well, 2020 really was one of the most unexpected years yet. We braved COVID (and are still braving it), embraced a WFH lifestyle, learnt the value in staying connected and showed resilience in the face of it all. But now the time has come to take a big leap forward!

While I know that we are all so close to setting March as the default on our digital Calendars, I have never been one to judge a fashionably late arrival – so (if you’ll kindly join me) let’s give a giant open-armed welcome to 2021. I hope you are all excited for big things!

This year I will be doing what I do best. You’ll find me head down in the Jessica Elise Creative Studio delving deep into my bag of design tricks to support a number of incredible Australian businesses in showcasing their brand for WHO it is. There will be some new faces who I simply cannot wait to jump on board with and of course my ever-so-faithful returning clients who have truly made my studio days 1000x brighter.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s in store for Jessica Elise Creative Studio in 2021…

  • More creating (on the business and in the business)
  • More new faces (internally and externally)
  • More dancing (I’ve been putting together some EPIC Spotify playlists that I’ll share)
  • More services (thinking of adding App Design to the service list… what do you think?)
  • More refining (it needs to be done, and I am constantly learning and innovating!)
  • More sustainable practices (Forever looking into more sustainable ways to go about my daily businesses)
  • More time off screen (I’ve found I am more creative and present on projects when I take time out and away from the screen)
  • More coffee (because I can never 100% break the habit)

In the meantime, I can’t wait to share more of my creative work with you (and my new year’s resolution is in fact, to do more of this)! So, please keep a close eye on my social media pages for more and more glimpses of *insert all the amazing design words* snapshots of my portfolio, which hand-on-heart I know that you will love!