7 favourite things that got me through the month of March

I don’t know about you, but it’s been an eventful month of March here at Jessica Elise Creative Studio!

Amongst the bustle of business, including starting new projects, developing branding and design collateral for current clients, as well as last-minute wedding prep (just a smidge) – I have relied on a few favourite things to bring me joy and keep me smiling.

So, I thought it was only fair to share what I have been loving lately with my loyal following of friends, clients and creatives (I know you are going to absolutely adore these self-love highlights).

It’s time to treat yourselves, Welcome to my March loves!

  1. *Friend shoutout* – Loving Elestial Crystals (not just from an energy point of view, but as a gorgeous way to make my home office sparkle)
  2. This playlist is everything I never knew I needed and more – Funk & Soul Classics (because having a boogie in my office chair is completely acceptable) 
  3. Brene Brown’s ‘Dare to Lead’ Podcast (it’s something that is taking me a while to get through, just because the content is so good!)
  4. The Yoga Collection from Doterra. It has the perfect three little oils to complement your workday… Ascend in the morning to get everything moving, Affirm around lunch to get your concentrating and Anchor at the end of the day to transition from work to the evening wind-down. Say hello to my little side biz The Oil Grove 
  5. Reading DUNE at the moment, and LOVING it! But I recently finished Brandon Sanderson Skyward first and second books, ADDICTED! Cannot wait for the third book to come out
  6. This salad, oh wow SUCH A WINNER
  7. Because March has been a celebration month (hello wedding month!) I have been obsessed with Margaritas, so any excuse to have one, really. Follow this mixer recipe add your favourite tequila, or have it with extra sparkling water for a mocktail (You can thank me later!)