Let’s talk about the “Customer Database”.

Holy moly, what a few weeks it has been in the media world! Like the rest of Australia, you may have found yourself engrossed in current conversations centred around the shocking “Facebook News Ban”. This situation has highlighted the ability that social media platforms like Facebook have, to restrict users from their service with simply a swift flick of the switch.

Whether it was a right or wrong move from our friends at Facebook, it seems we all have our two cents to add to the conversation. But for me this whole experience has really cemented the fact that as business owners we cannot solely rely on social media platforms like Facebook as a means of connecting with our customers.

Keeping this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to have a chat about how we can reach our customers in a variety of (digital) ways…

–        If digital newsletter platforms like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp ring a bell to
         you, then you will know that both offer an effective way to connect with customers –
         at the click of a button. These All-In-One integrated marketing platforms assist small
         businesses in managing and talking to clients, customers and other interested

–        Developing a Website for your business (with the help of online services like
         Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify) is another measure that can be taken to direct
         customers to a central source of information which promotes your brand. These
         sites also offer integrated email marketing features so that users can promote their
         product, service or event via electronic mail.

The beauty of this mixture of mediums is that they can all be used to store customer details and will double as a trustworthy “Customer Database”. If this term is new to you and you’re wondering what a Customer Database is, then let’s take a moment so that I can explain – and give the CD the 60 seconds of recognition it seriously deserves! (Can you tell I’m a big fan?)

By definition: *the customer database is – a contact list – on the internet – storing valuable info about your customers – and allowing for interaction with said customers via methods like email*

Why do you need a customer database…? I never thought you’d ask! While your Customer Database will provide a secure foundation for customer details and will allow you to reach out to your followers with ease, this information is valuable for driving sales or tailoring product catalogs and other marketing material to your list of followers. These steps are all vital in helping your business to grow!

Here are a few simple ways to add customer details to your business address book…

–        Through Surveys and competitions
–        With a Call To Action box via your website (share this link across all of your
         social platforms)
–        At point of sale whether it be in store or online (or during trade shows)
–        In person – while networking at events

If you know me well, you will know how much I value any opportunity to bring an educational element to my creative business! I love delving into new topics with my followers and lifting the lid on my own industry tips and tricks… If you’re interested in learning more from me then you can find the Jessica Elise sign up box at the very bottom of this page!