January never counts, right? Hey there!

Well, 2020 really was one of the most unexpected years yet. We braved COVID (and are still braving it), embraced a WFH lifestyle, learnt the value in staying connected and showed resilience in the face of it all. But now the time has come to take a big leap forward!

While I know that we are all so close to setting March as the default on our digital Calendars, I have never been one to judge a fashionably late arrival – so (if you’ll kindly join me) let’s give a giant open-armed welcome to 2021. I hope you are all excited for big things!

This year I will be doing what I do best. You’ll find me head down in the Jessica Elise Creative Studio delving deep into my bag of design tricks to support a number of incredible Australian businesses in showcasing their brand for WHO it is. There will be some new faces who I simply cannot wait to jump on board with and of course my ever-so-faithful returning clients who have truly made my studio days 1000x brighter.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s in store for Jessica Elise Creative Studio in 2021…

  • More creating (on the business and in the business)
  • More new faces (internally and externally)
  • More dancing (I’ve been putting together some EPIC Spotify playlists that I’ll share)
  • More services (thinking of adding App Design to the service list… what do you think?)
  • More refining (it needs to be done, and I am constantly learning and innovating!)
  • More sustainable practices (Forever looking into more sustainable ways to go about my daily businesses)
  • More time off screen (I’ve found I am more creative and present on projects when I take time out and away from the screen)
  • More coffee (because I can never 100% break the habit)

In the meantime, I can’t wait to share more of my creative work with you (and my new year’s resolution is in fact, to do more of this)! So, please keep a close eye on my social media pages for more and more glimpses of *insert all the amazing design words* snapshots of my portfolio, which hand-on-heart I know that you will love!