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Do colour palettes really matter?

When going through a branding process, you’re asked A LOT of questions. Why? Because I want to make sure that I know EXACTLY what you’re wanting your brand to say, how you want it to feel and WHO your brand is.

One of my favourite parts of the branding process is working on the colour scheme. The poor ol’ colour scheme can be a little bit overlooked, but it will help you so much in the many years working with/on and in your brand. It will help keep things consistent, recognised, and of course, gorgeous! Just think, so many brands are known for their colour palette alone, think Tiffany (blue), Cadbury (purple) and even Coca-Cola (red).

There is a little bit more thought than “this is a pretty colour” when I work on your brands colour scheme. Did you know that there is a WHOLE science around colour theory? Why? Because different colours evoke different emotions and responses from people. I’ve listed a few dot-points below of what some colours evoke (note you can have different shades of these colours, obviously, but these are the generic few);

Pink – compassion, gentleness, intimate, nurturing
Red – ambition, strength, attention, energetic
Yellow – creativity, happy, optimistic, extrovert
Orange – creative, secure, passionate, curious
Blue – patience, tranquility, intelligent, trustworthy
Purple – luxury, ambition, visionary, truthful
White – clean, fresh, good, pure, sophisticated
Black – elegance, formal, glamorous, secure, serious
Green – fresh, balance, giving, abundant

Isn’t it amazing! What colours are you drawn to most? Let me know below 👇

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