At Home with Tanya

I recently took some headshots for the beautiful Tanya Ewen, and we had a chance to sit down and chat about what we can expect from her in the near future. Tanya’s creativity and motivation constantly inspires me.

Imagine her bare foot, curled up on her big couch with a big mug of green tea in her hands.

What don’t people know about you?

Well, my forties have been my favourite decade so far. It just keeps getting better because I know who I am and I know what I’m not. Kindness, gratitude and patience are key and lots of meditating.. I like to live my life as holistically as best I can, my children are slowly adjusting to my Ayurveda cooking and will often question if I have added something like avocado to the pancake mix which is totally western but I still throw in the mix of keeping everyone content in their dietary requirements. I am a lover of light and my home is my favourite retreat amongst the glorious natural light and living plants. I am an intuitive and definitely a gypsy at heart.

You’ve recently stepped back into photography, what has inspired you to do this?

I really felt like I needed to have a good break away to get my creative bearings again. And I think what inspired me to get back into it again was the thought of creating again for people. I don’t capture my little family as often as I should, and I want to make sure that others don’t forgot to capture the moments either, so I would love to prompt them to book in a shoot, and capture there family as a whole unit.

What stands out from your time away?

In that space away I was able to centre myself. I lost my way with what was important. It’s shown me that wellness and family is so important. I’ve really been inspired to put that into my photography, especially putting that into the wellness side of things. Helping women find themselves and feel happy with themselves, and then capturing it through photography is something I would like to develop more.

Things feel different when i’m behind the camera, I can sit here and be Tanya, but when i’m behind the camera I feel like i’m someone else, the photographer Tanya – it’s great. It’s a confident person who can go explore without feeling vulnerable.

Doing the pop up shop (botany + blooms), I had a change to be creative in another channel, not as a photographer. I am quite an introvert, so I hid behind the camera, so i’ve learnt to be creative in other ways, and incorporate that into just who I am, not just when i’m behind the camera. I’m completely me, i’ve grounded myself and i’m comfortable in my own skin.

You’re also studying Clinical Aromatherapy at the moment, how will this fit in with your photography?

The balance of working FIFO, and seeing women working those long hours, and we often neglected ourselves as women. It’s long hours, yes the money is good, but it does take a toll on your body. It’s 70 hours week with one day off a fortnight. I loved the experience, but I think it made me realise how important it is to look after yourself and your own wellness. I really feel essential oils can enhance positive change in your life incorporated as a daily ritual supporting ones own journey to self-awareness and well-being can open up many doors that we may not have even thought possible. I think coming back to Mount Gambier full time, I can see that there are women in particular who are looking for something more and don’t know how to reach it.

So, what can we expect from Tanya Ewen in the near future?

The possibilities are endless, I have a passion for life and exploring different opportunities and i’m currently seeing myself incorporating photography and wellness together as a Clinical Aromatherapist. I would love to see my love of creating photography for families continue. Photography has become a second nature to me and it will always be there in some shape or form along with interior styling. Also being a Clinical Aromatherapist for people and sharing my knowledge of how to keep things simple and how to be gentle on yourself with being open to modify a set belief can enhance you to feel the best you can.

“And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations” – Revelation 22:2


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Photos: Jessica Elise Design

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